"I'd give three ships of Spanish gold..."
Stories of true love
BeatingHeart.gif (2489 bytes)Poem: Ode To A New Love
 BeatingHeart.gif (2489 bytes)Poem:The Touch
Poem:The Light
 BeatingHeart.gif (2489 bytes)Poem:The Glow
Poem: Awakenings

Poem: Anticipation

Poem: This Kiss

Poem: The First Meeting

Poem: The Best Of Me

Poem: Am I Dreaming?

Poem: She Moves

Poem: The Night 

Poem: Where Do We Go From Here

Poem: Until I Met You 

Poem: In Your Arms

Poem: Simplest Things

Poem: The River

Poem: Beauty

Poem: The Moment 

Poem: I Choose Her  NEW!

 BeatingHeart.gif (2489 bytes)  Love Story: April's Love Story  

 BeatingHeart.gif (2489 bytes)   Love Story: Ken's Love Story