The Angel In The Night by Rocky Dickerson
A personal story by Rocky Dickerson

It all happened in 1993. My father had been going through a series of medical tests but I didn't know much about what was going on. Finally, my mother called me to tell me the news. My father had to have surgery. Heart surgery. Actually OPEN heart surgery. I was devastated with worry about how he would fare. After all, this man was in his 60s and they were going to operate on a muscle inside his heart.

Two nights before the surgery, I awoke at 2:30 in the morning. Desiree (my wife at the time) was standing over me, bent over. I looked at her, she stood straight up, and then she vanished into thin air. I then realized that was NOT Desiree. At that moment, a thought was planted in my mind by the angel who watched over me. She said, "It's all right. Everything has already happened and it turned out okay." Somehow, this calmed me and I went back to sleep.

The next day I thought about the angel and her message all day. I went to the hospital the following day and as my family gathered in the waiting room while the surgery began, I realized something. My entire family was nervous and anxious about the surgery, but I was not. I was at peace. I knew the outcome already.

That day, my father didn't just have a successful surgery, the surgery went far faster than expected. Then he went through post-op faster than expected. Then he went through I C U faster than expected. They even released him from the hospital before it was expected. My father recovered fully to live healthier than ever. An angel told me it would be that way.

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