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By Sue Dennis

From  childhood, I have been plagued with nightmares and just bad dreams in general.  Actually to the point of sleep walking and night terrors.  For about ten years, I would awaken during the night and see figures of men standing in my bedroom between my bed and double windows. The street light lit my windows quite brightly and I saw the figures in silhouette only.  Sometimes one, sometimes two. Sometimes one would be wearing a hat. A dress hat, not a cap. But no features were distinguishable. They just stood there, never moving toward me.  After sitting up in bed and staring for a while I would swing my feet off the bed and stand to start walking either to the bathroom or toward them.  Only then would they disappear. I say disappear because that is the only word for it.  When I attempted to approach them they were suddenly gone. This always filled me with a great sense of fear and dread. Needless to say when this first began happening I was terrified.  My heart would race, and I would tremble for a long time afterward.  This happened so frequently that I would consciously decide that I must get up and move toward them so they would go away.  It made going to bed at night a  dreaded procedure.  I guess that I had just accepted  the fact that I would probably never really get a good nights sleep. 

But never give up.

Something else appeared one night. I awoke just as always.  But instead of dark silhouetted figures, there at the foot of my bed was the brightest, shiniest, white and silver "thing" I have ever seen. It was a glorious sight. It was alive.  I say that because every part of it was moving with energy.  Bright and sparkling and projecting comfort, joy and love.  It looked like the biggest and most beautiful Halloween sparkler in the whole world.  It lit my bedroom.  It was as wide as the foot of my double bed and about four feet high.  I sat up in bed and was conscious of smiling broadly, almost laughing.  I had never felt like that before.  The beauty was indescribable.  I felt so good and safe and happy.  I couldn't figure out what in  the world it was. At the time never thinking about an angel.  But I did want to see what it was and felt very welcome to go near it.  I remember getting out of bed, still smiling and inviting the thing to stay.  When I came to within three feet of it, it left.  The room was dark again.  But I will never be able to express in word what comfort that image brought me.
It took about a month for it to dawn on me that I had been visited by an angel.  Possibly my very own guardian angel.  The first reason, of course, was the beauty and peace it brought me.  The second, I have not been visited by those strange silhouetted figures ever since my angel came to visit me some 5 years ago.  This spiritual being came, ran those strangers away and sat at the foot of my bed to show me she was there and that the figures would not be back. And they haven't.

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