The Gift To Heal
A story by Anonymous

I was 16 and your average high school student. Nothing special here. You wouldn't notice me as especially attractive, smart, witty, intelligent, or athletic. Just average. I could have been you or any other person. Well, one day the news came in that a dear friend of the family had just given birth and started bleeding from all the pores on her body. The prognosis at the time was grim. Basically, it was 3 days to live - tops. We were crushed.

The next day, in the middle of class, a voice whispered into my ear, "It doesn't have to be that way." I knew what the voice meant but didn't know what to do about it. Then, the answer came. I pulled my healing energy out of me and focused it into her body, (some 1,000 miles away). I then pulled energy from around me to replenish myself. That night we were told that she was better, but of course this was still very serious. It would probably be 5 to 6 days but she would not survive.

The following day, I did it again. Again the same results. I did this two more times after that. Finally, 2 weeks later, she went home. She is still alive today and her child has long passed it's 16th birthday.

I am not special. I was used by God to save a friend's life. I have been used several times to heal others. You can be used, too. I am not special. I am just like you.

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