The Missing Time by Rocky Dickerson
It all happened in about 1991. My wife at the time (Desiree) and I were still somewhat upset at the loss of our pet cockatiel, Aki. She had died suddenly one morning without any warning and she perished quietly in the middle of the night. Desiree and I were quite distraught and in mourning over the loss. This was putting an increased stress to our already hectic lives. At about 2:00 I called Desiree at the store where she worked. It was an unusually slow day. Hardly anyone had stopped by all day. Sometimes that just happens. We talked about 5 minutes and I told her I'd pick her up around 6:00 when the store closed.

When I arrived at just before 6:00 Desiree was very upset. When I asked she said she was missing some time. She didn't recall the conversation we had at 2:00 and in fact she didn't remember anything from 1:45 to 4:00 even though she had sales reciepts showing she had made sales and spoke to customers at that time. Losing your keys is one thing but losing all memory of time for that long of a period makes you think you've lost your mind!

Well, I took her to a restaurant for dinner to help her calm down. The stress was evident in her eyes. She was questioning herself as to if she had "lost her marbles". I felt hopless. Here was the woman I cared most about in the world, she was in deep emotional and psychological pain and I could do nothing to help. I was feeling the distress with her. Then, it struck me. I had been tought a technique several months before for clearing your mind and allowing your "inner voice" or intuition to come out and speak your truth. So, I tried it.

I took her through the steps. First, I had her sit back in her chair and close her eyes. Then she took in a breath and I counted how long it took (about 4 seconds). Then I had her hold the breath for 4 times as long (about 16 seconds) and then I had her slowly exhale for 7 times as long (about 28 seconds). She did this 3 times. Then I said, "Your mind is clear now. If you could know what you did between 1:45 and 4:00, what would you know?"

With that, her eyes opened wide. I mean WIDE! It was evident it was amazing to her what came up. She said that when she was at the shop physically, her spirit had been taken to a gorgeous pond with beautiful sparkling waters. It was warm and sunny there. There was a feeling of overwhelming peace and harmony. At the pond, she looked around and there were the people, some of which she knew and some of which she just knew of, that had already died. They welcomed and comforted her. Then, our darling little Aki was there to greet her. Aki had wanted to see Desiree and let her see that she was not only alright, but she was also very happy in her new world. She would also be there in the future when Desiree's time would come to pass to the spirit world. The memory was of a time span of 5 minutes and yet it had taken over two hours in the physical plane.

Desiree was not the same after that. Where she had been depressed over Aki's passing, she now had a contentment that all was well. She realized now that wherever she went, a part of Aki would have her wings spread out to comfort and shelter Desiree for the rest of her life.

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