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On the musical front, Sting's career began it's international phase of prominence as a member of the rock group The Police. There are plenty of sites on the web to give you accurate information about that phase of his career, though. On his solo career, Sting has released a total of 7 solo albums. They include, "The Dream of Blue Turtles", "Bring on the Night", "...Nothing Like the Sun", "The Soul Cages", "Ten Summoner's Tales", "Fields of Gold", and his latest solo effort, "Mercury Falling".

In addition to his solo work, Sting has performed on the soundtracks to various films from "Leaving Las Vegas" to "The Living Sea" to "Lethal Weapon 3". Beyond that, he has graced the recordings of other artists ranging from Pavorotti to Dire Straits to Elton John to Julio Iglesias.

Sting is married to film director/producer, Trudie Styler and they live with their 6 children in a castle about an hour outside of London, not far from Stonehenge. Part of what keeps this man going and doing all these things mentioned is his daily regimen of yoga. Introduced to the discipline in 1990 during the "Soul Cages" recording sessions, Sting has become a well known advocate of yoga's many benefits.

To catagorize the man's musical style into one field would equivalent of saying that Picasso painted using white. Sting's Sting in Black & White - The Soul Cagesrecordings have ranged from hard rock to country, from raggae to bossanova. And yet he Sting in 1988 - Nothing Like The Sunhas the talent to always land on his feet, no matter what the musical style. Sting also proves himself an artist unafraid of admitting flaws. He is constantly rearranging existing songs into different styles or tempos to get a better feeling for them. He has often said he hopes to always be striving to become a better musician.

A musician, an activist, an actor, a composer, a perfectionist, a husband, a father, a man. Whichever label you choose for Sting, he is admirable and a man of great talent.

Sting in Black & White - Nothing Like The SunSting in Newcastle - circa 1990 The Soul Cages

Sting - circa 1988 Nothing Like The SunSting in recording studio for Mercury FallingSting - circa 1995 in a light moment at the Lakehouse

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