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Sting playing FragileSting in New York 

Photos from Allison Steigman (Thanks Allison!)


This photo taken by Steve Agovino

New York was the last stop on the Mercury Falling tour. These photos were taken by Allison Steigman at those final performances. The first photo features Sting performing the song he always closes his show with, the contemplative and emotional, "Fragile". As with so many of Sting's insightful songs such as "Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" , or "Why Should I Cry For You" among others, one easily feels chills of emotion or a tear to the eye hearing the lyrics expressed in person. A fitting end to all of his shows as he brings us from our heights of elation down to a mellower, contemplative mood before we head our seperate ways.

Part of the joy of attending a Sting concert is the way he not only weaves his melodious chords and soulful lyrics during the evening, but also how he weaves our emotions to unify thousands together as one. You may enter the show as one of thousands of different people, but you leave unified by the magic of the performance. All have been touched by the emotion.

Butch, Sting, and Clark in New YorkHere Sting is seen in an energetic moment along with Butch Thomas (left) and Clark Gayton (right), whom some fans affectionately refer to as "The Aerobic Horns Section". They brought an energy and vibrancy to the Mercury Falling Tour that was a welcome addition to the show. Often their antics would even get a rise out of Sting himself and spur him on to a higher level of energy.

 Photo by Allison Steigman
Special thanks again to Allison Steigman for providing the photos to be used here. Thanks also to Holly Murdoch without whom I never would have been able to get these images on my page.

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