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The Touch by Rocky Dickerson
by Rocky Dickerson


Something changed today It was not a necessarily beautiful day

                    and yet beauty is all I remember from it

It was not a day filled with victories

                    still, somehow, I feel as though Iíve won  

It was a day as was any other day has ever been

                    save for one thingÖ

                                                                she touched me

I didnít see it coming although I had dreamt of itís time

Her hand reached close to mine andÖ

                    Ö as never before the angels slowed time  

The angels slowed the passing of time so that I may savor

                    The Moment

I looked into eyes that were like jewels
I felt the warmth of her smile that shone like the sun  

I felt a hand so soft as if made from the wings of doves  

A touch so soft that it seemed to defy gravity and the laws of nature  

The life in that hand electrified my being  

The woman touched not my hand but my heart and soul  

She walked away and I stood in time...

                                                                                                 ...touched by this angel

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